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What are long-tail keywords?

Long-tail keywords are those keyword phrases that are three, four, or five words in length that are particular to what your website is offering. Consider the fact that anytime a buyer enters a very particular search word. They are already aware of the product that they want to acquire.

In most situations, these targeted searches will result in purchases provided the website provides precisely what the buyer is looking for. Customers do generic searches while surfing the web and looking at what is available at various websites, including Amazon. It's similar to going window shopping.

The usage of long-tail keywords allows businesses to target clients who are specifically seeking a certain product. Let us suppose a consumer expresses an interest in a product. He will look for websites that offer those particular goods.

Consider the following scenario: a consumer is seeking electric bicycles, for example. All of the websites that include these two keywords will be returned by the search engines. He will now launch a website that will compile a list of the finest electric bicycles. He will go over them and choose the bike he wants to purchase. Take, for example, the Airbike MX5, which he seemed to like. He will now go out and look for that exact bike.

In this area,search engines significantly more easily rank extremely specialized multi phrase long-tail keywords than in any other. Using generic terms as keywords can put you in direct competition with high-ranked websites, which means you will encounter a lot of difficulty ranking well.

Websites such as,, Amazon, eBay, and other well-known sites will be unable to compete with your offerings. As a result, you must select long-tail keywords that are appropriate for usage in the pages of your website.

What is a long-tail keyword generator?

After learning what long-tail keywords are, we need to figure out how to compile a list of them relevant to what we are attempting to offer on our website. We understand our keywords, our items, and the geographic region from which we want traffic.

Including long-tail keywords in the content of your website's pages will increase traffic to your site. It will also help you attain a better position on the main search engines, one of the two key objectives that every internet marketer strives to accomplish.

Take advantage of SEOSeeks® free long tail keyword tool, as well as the Google keyword planner tool, to help you develop a strategy for your website's content. Keep in mind that long-tail keywords are more concentrated than generic phrases and that using them will benefit your website's search engine rating.

What's the good news?

Google prefers websites with a large number of pages. According to this theory, to be effective as an internet marketer, you should target searchers that employ long-tail keywords. Because there are so many different long-tail keyword combinations that searchers may use to find what you are offering, you will need to construct extra pages to accommodate them all.

Keep in mind that your unique pages just need to be versions of your main product page to be effective. In the headline of each page, include the long-tail keyword term you want to rank for. As a result, instead of concentrating on only three or four highly competitive keywords, seek long-tail keywords that are easier to rank.

To drive the most traffic to your website, you will need to utilize a combination of focused keywords and long-tail keywords across the pages of your site. The greater the number of pages on your website that include long-tail keywords in the title or description of the pages, the greater the number of visits you will get.

If you want to advertise your video on YouTube, you should investigate the most popular YouTube tags and the most popular YouTube keywords before posting your video on the site.

Everything you need to know about the long tail keyword suggestion tool by SEOSeeks®:

Seasoned internet marketers have mastered the art of understanding how internet users look for certain items or services on the World Wide Web significantly. Most visitors do not only type in a single word in their search query but instead type three, four, or more words.

They are aware of what they are searching for and where they are seeking it. For example, a visitor who wishes to take his family on vacation to the Bahamas will not simply insert the term 'vacation' in the search query for vacations in the Bahamas. He or she will input the phrase "family vacation in the Bahamas." It is well known to the visitor that inputting a single term would cause the search engine to return millions of results, none of which will be relevant to what he or she is searching for.

When a visitor enters four or five keywords, the search engine will provide results that include the terms input by the visitor. Now, this will be beneficial to the visitor in that it will identify sites that he or she would be interested in seeing.

Internet marketers are aware of this notion and actively seek long-tail keywords to include in their webpages. The only way they can attract visitors to their website who are actively seeking the items or services they are promoting is by using long-tail keywords in the content of their website pages.

Search engines are bright and intelligent, and they preserve in their databases long-tail keywords that websites are using at the time of writing. When someone puts particular keywords into a search engine, the search engine will display webpages that include those terms. When searching for keyword matching sites, the search engines would employ phrases such as 'family vacations in the Bahamas' and "holidays in the Bahamas" to find sites that match the keywords.

How to use the long tail keyword generator tool by SEOSeeks®?

You just need to follow the below-mentioned steps,

Step 1:Go to SEOSeeks®website and look for the long tail keyword generator using your search engine browser.

Step 2:Now, on display, type in the phrase "seed list."

Step 3:To produce long-tail keywords, you must first enter the keywords you wish to use by the tool.

Step 4:Pick the 'Provider,' which will default to Google by default, but if you click on the arrow, it will show a list of providers. Once you have entered those, select the 'Provider,' which will default to Google by default, but if you click on the arrow, it will display a list of providers;

  • Twitter
  • Bing
  • Yahoo
  • eBay
  • Amazon

You have the option of selecting the service provider that you wish to work with.

Step 5:After that, pick the country you want to target and the language you want to use.

Step 6:After that, it will provide a list of keyword recommendations.

Step 7:You have the option of copying and pasting the list or exporting the list to an Excel spreadsheet.

The list of long-tail keywords provided by this smart and convenient tool may now be used to create a marketing plan for your internet marketing campaign. When it comes to what those prospective clients are searching for, you have a pretty decent notion of what they're looking for, and if you provide those things, you can create web pages just for them.




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