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Features of Grammarly Checker:

Apart from detecting grammatical errors, the very helpful SEOSeeks® Grammarly Checker may assist you in various ways. The following are the main reasons to use it,

1. Check for Grammar Errors:

To produce compelling material, those who are new to English writing generally require some help. Because they are inexperienced with English grammar, they may make errors. To get admiration from your readers, you must identify and correct these mistakes in your material. This requirement will be met by our tool, which will help you in correcting article grammatical errors.

2. Punctuation Checker:

Punctuation check is one of the most important aspects that improve a reader's readability and allows him or her to comprehend the text properly. On the other hand, missing punctuation is a significant problem that may alter the meaning of the text or make it unclear for the reader. As a result, a writer must pay attention to punctuation marks. Our punctuation checker can detect any incorrect semicolon or comma use in your text and help you correct it right away.

3. Knockout Spelling Error:

Making spelling errors when writing is a frequent occurrence. The primary reason for fallacy writing is a lack of knowledge with the correct spelling of a term or a lack of attention. But there's no need to be concerned since our tool can do both a spelling and a grammatical check at the same time. It highlights all of the words, making it the quickest method to prevent spelling mistakes.

In the academic field, why is Grammarly Checker essential?

Academics need the submission of assignments, theses, and reports. Because it destroys their originality, the professor never accepts duplicated work or has faults in sentence construction. Furthermore, a material with ridiculous flaws may impact a student's total grade on a topic.

As a result, it is unavoidable for students to put 100% effort into grammar correction and ensure that material is free of errors to get a better mark in the subject. Our sentence checker will assist you in creating grammatically accurate sentences and detecting errors in your writing.

Grammarly Checker is a fast as well as a reliable tool:

Our free grammar checker enables you to quickly identify any grammatical errors in your text. This feature will allow you to double-check that your content is error-free and suitable to share with your colleagues, instructors, or supervisors.

All of the processing will be finished in a matter of seconds, and you will get accurate findings without exerting any effort. Furthermore, you won't have to proofread your material since our sentence analyzer can assist you.

What are the steps to be followed to run our Grammarly Checker?

You won't have to deal with any complications when it comes to identifying errors in your material. Our online tool is designed to make identifying errors in your work as simple as possible. You may use this grammar corrector's help by following the simple instructions below.

  • To begin, copy and paste your information into the textbox. You may also upload a file from your computer or a cloud storage account.
  • To begin the procedure, click the "Grammar Check" button.
  • You will immediately see the desired outcomes on your screen.

What kind of grammatical errors does our Grammarly Checker identify?

SEOSeeks® Grammarly Checker identifies the below mentioned mistakes,

1. Articles with Grammatical Errors:

The modifiers that come before a noun or phrase are known as articles. The main goal of articles is to explain a text's meaning. In writing, it's easy to make errors when it comes to utilizing the appropriate articles. However, you do not need to spend time studying all of the text to discover mistakes in using articles since our free grammar checker is here to assist you without needing any work on your part.

2. Agreement between the subject and the verb:

The incorrect use of verb form is a frequent blunder made by newcomers to English. It will result in an error if you do not utilize the correct verb form in your statement. If the subject is a noun, or a relative phrase separates the subject and verb, the verb form will be different. Our free online grammar checker is sophisticated enough to detect all subject-verb agreement errors in the blink of an eye.

3. Apostrophes in the Wrong Place:


Homonyms are one of the most often used terms with incorrect apostrophes. Words that sound similar but have entirely distinct meanings may change the meaning of the whole text if they are used incorrectly. "The information you have is incorrect." The apostrophe is incorrectly used here. "Your information isn't accurate" is the proper version. Our online grammar checker detects all incorrect apostrophe mistakes in a long text and enables you to fix them quickly.

4. Voice Issues (Active/Passive):

English is a hard language to master, and it may be difficult for a novice to grasp. The English language has two main tones: active and passive voice. The active voice is used to describe someone who does something. The passive voice, on the other hand, emphasizes the action's recipient of the action itself. When authors use the active/passive voice incorrectly, they create a mistake. Our grammar checker online free tool quickly identifies active/passive issues and offers solutions.

5. Use of Silly Words:

The proper word choice is an important factor in improving content quality. Readers are seldom inspired by writers who employ unsuitable or unclear terms in their articles. Furthermore, these funny words don't always fit the structure of the phrase, resulting in a grammatical error. SEOSeeks® essay checker is clever enough to catch irrelevant terms in the text in a couple of seconds.

Features of SEOSeeks® Proofreader Online:

Below are the features of our proofreader tool,

1. Improve the readability of text:

Grammar errors will detract from the quality of the material and offer the readers a misleading impression. Furthermore, the text's grammatical mistakes are disrupted by the reader's attention, which they find unpleasant and unsettling. The use of grammar check online tool, on the other hand, aids in the detection of errors in a document and offers the best possible fixes. It will improve the readability of your text, or you may shuffle words for better synonyms to make them more distinctive.

2. Multiple Error Corrections:

Detecting grammatical errors isn't enough until you're provided advice on how to fix the issue. Fortunately, our sophisticated English grammar checker will provide you with several fixes for each mistake, allowing you to choose the one that best suits your needs.

3. Useful Online Tool for Free:

Don't have enough money to hire a professional online proofreader? Our facility does not need any kind of subscription to utilize its services. You may fix phrases as many times as you like without paying anything.

4. Correct Sentences in Over 20 Different Languages:

This program allows you to correct sentences in over 20 different languages. Yes, you read it correctly. Our online grammar checker can detect mistakes in languages other than English, such as French, Polish, Spanish, and Dutch in a couple of seconds.

5. HTTP Protocol Secure Text:

Our expert grammar checker's HTTPS protocol guarantees that any text you submit will be safe and secure from unauthorized access. The secure version of the protocol stipulates that all communication between a browser and a website is encrypted, and no third party can ever access the data.

6. A version that does not need installation

Unlike other online tools, ours does not need any kind of installation. You don't need to install any additional software on your device to detect errors in an article anymore. Our free online spell and grammar checker is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help you catch mistakes in your writing. To use this free tool, all you need is a good internet connection.

7. Explain Grammatical Errors in a Few Words:

Many online English checker programs indicate flaws in textual material without clarifying the real flaws, which may create many questions in your head and leave you unsure of what's wrong. On the other hand, our tool not only detects and corrects grammatical errors but also explains them for improved comprehension.


How can I tell whether a sentence is right or incorrect?

Simply enter the text into our grammar checker to see whether it contains any mistakes. If you type "We were going to London" and paste it on our facility, it will flag "was" as a mistake and advice you to change it to "were," resulting in "we were going to London." As a result, this is the most effective tool for text repair.

Is it possible to check both my grammar and spelling mistakes at the same time?

Yes, of course! In a matter of seconds, our free online grammar checker analyses your whole document and flags any grammatical or spelling errors.

Is there a free tool for proofreading texts, such as Grammarly?

Yes! This sentence structure analyzer is free to use and does not need any kind of subscription or installation. This feature allows you to proofread as many text files as you like without any restrictions.

What is an English Writer's Run-On Sentence Error?

The run-on sentence mistake is a kind of writing fault produced by the misuse of punctuation. A run-on sentence mistake occurs when you use a comma instead of a full stop after a sentence and begin writing the following phrase.




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